Our Brands:

Our Brands

Recognized and Trusted World-Wide


Airetrex 365 is our line of compact air purifiers for home and business applications.



Schaefer is a worldwide leader in ventilation equipment for agricultural, commercial, horticultural, industrial, and rental applications, as well as for show animals.



Defender by Schaefer is our line of clean air solutions for indoor air quality.



Our lineup of forced air, radiant, and electric heaters puts comfort first to enhance productivity while staying within your budget.



Heat Hog offers portable heaters that run on 1lb. propane tanks that are lightweight and convenient.



Master is the leader in portable fuel-fired heaters, forced air heaters, radiant heaters, and industrial fans for construction sites, warehouses, and garages across North America.



STANLEY has an international product line dedicated to performance and quality for industrial heating and cooling applications.




OUR breadth of Products

Delivering quality, reliable and durable products

At Pinnacle Climate Technologies, we provide climate solutions to commercial, industrial, agricultural, DIY and other retail channels throughout the world.  We pride ourselves in finding innovative solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation when and where it matters most.

Make a Difference

Our Core Values Define Pinnacle Climate Technologies as a Company, Our Employees Give it Life

At Pinnacle Climate Technologies, our employees are the heart and soul of our success. We are looking for passion, creative spirit, and sense of community to help drive our business forward.

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