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Durable Products Designed for Easy Transportation, Storage, and Return on Investment

Pinnacle Climate Technologies provides heating and cooling solutions to the special event and tool rental market. Renting Pinnacle products keeps guests, customers, and employees comfortable and stress free, and adds to the success of any event or project.

Construction Tool and Equipment Rental

Creating Productive Work Environments to Extend Construction Capabilities

Fans, ventilators, and evaporative coolers extend construction capabilities by cooling or heating the work environment and providing a safe and productive working environment. Because construction projects vary greatly, so does the need for ventilation. If your job site doesn’t have permanent heating/cooling, we have a variety of products that can be used on construction sites.

Americ® confined space ventilators are utilized to ventilate manholes and other confined spaces, providing fresh air and removing fumes to increase worker safety and comfort.

Evaporative coolers provide a cost-effective alternative to air conditioning in a variety of industrial and commercial cooling applications including manufacturing plants, warehouses, loading docks, and commercial construction.

For temporary needs on construction sites or seasonal heat, portable mobile drum fans are ideal to move air. Durable and portable, the fans can be used to help create healthy and productive work environments in any location.

Pinnacle Climate Technologies and Schaefer fans help create successful work environments.

Tent and Event Rental

Add to the Success of Any Event or Project

Ensure your special event includes the best in atmosphere and comfort. Tent cooling equipment, including evaporative coolers, tent fans, and other portable fans, help guests remain cool in summer. Heater rental, including propane patio heaters keeping guests warm on cold days.

Schaefer tent fans move air throughout the tent, while stand-alone fans positioned close to an opening will pull the air into and across the tent. WayCool® evaporative coolers essentially blow air across a wet filter to lower the air temperature. The VersaMist® offers additional cooling to keep guests cool and add an element of fun.

For cool weather events, keep guests warm with HotZone Zubri™ portable, propane patio heaters.

Products built for durability, safe operation, and long-life.

High quality materials, low operating costs, and extreme durability make Pinnacle Climate Technologies an excellent choice for increasing your rate of return.