Indoor Air Quality

Clean Air Solutions for your Facility.
Improving indoor air quality (IAQ) is one of the most effective ways to address airborne health risks in your building.

The quality of indoor air we breathe impacts our well-being. Indoor pollutants can be invisible to our senses, yet harmful to our health and productivity.

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Our products put quality back into air quality.

Pinnacle Climate Technologies offers a variety of air quality products ranging from portable units to office air purification systems.

Pinnacle Climate Technologies systems work anywhere we gather from senior living facilities, schools, medical and dental health services, and commercial settings such as office gathering spaces, shop floors, food service, events and hospitality. Our purpose is to engineer solutions that use science-based, proven applications to eliminate risks in the air we breathe.


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Care Home Purification Systems

Keep Your Care Home Safe

Research shows that simply coughing and sneezing causes thousands of microdroplet’s, which can remain suspended in the air for up to six hours. Microdroplet’s contain bacteria, viruses, infectious and non-infectious particles that can expose workers and residents to greater risk of catching COVID-19.

With current HVAC systems air is only turned over 2 to 5 times per hour and over 80% of the air is recycled for cost savings. With a Pinnacle Climate Technologies air purification system you can turn air over four times more per hour will ensuring viruses and bacteria are killed during the process leaving you with clean air you can trust.

Dental Office Purification Systems

Reduce the Risk of Aerosols and Viruses During Your Health Care Visits

Dental spray is created because of the compressed air and liquid in the dental industry. This forms an invisible cloud of solid and liquid particles that may be composed of water, saliva, plaque and microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. Dental aerosols form as large splatter, droplets or droplet nuclei.

Because of the nature of dentistry, the spread of infection in a dental office is due to bodily fluids of an infected patient coming in contact with surfaces, instruments, or infectious particles that are airborne. Unlike a hospital environment, patient cannot be isolated or masked, and there are no ways of treatment after masking a patient.  The importance of controlling the disbursement of aerosols is critical in limiting the effects of viruses like Covid-19 and Influenza.

Pinnacle Climate Technologies has developed a centralized air filtration and purification system to address the issues in dental aerosols cause in a dental office.

Commercial Purification Systems

Reduce The Risk of Viruses in a Commercial Space

There are many different office and industrial settings that require air purification to keep employees and visitors safe. Pinnacle Climate Technologies Purification Systems were created to ensure 4 step air purification that works for large and small spaces.

Shopping malls, stores, restaurants, offices, and industrial buildings all have employees and customers that need to be protected. Pinnacle Climate Technologies Purification Systems have centralized and stand alone units made for any room size.

School Purification Systems

Help Teachers and Students Feel Safe Attending Class

Students and teachers attending school are at a greater risk of transmitting COVID-19 because of proximity and poor air flow. What if you could promise your students and teachers clean air and less risk of catching a virus transmitted through the air?

Microdroplet’s can remain in the air and on surfaces for up to 6 hours. While students and teachers are in such close proximity it is becoming increasingly important to keep the air clean and moving.

Pinnacle Climate Technologies has developed a centralized air filtration and purification system to address all the school essentials.


Pinnacle Climate Technologies
Acquires the Assets of Pura Air

Acquisition expands company reach into the emerging Indoor Air Quality market.

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