Heating and Cooling Solutions for Your Construction or Work Site.
With a wide variety of heating and cooling solutions for your construction or work site, Pinnacle Climate Technologies helps you maintain maximum comfort and productivity.

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Products built for durability, safe operation, and long-life.

During the heat of summer, an extensive lineup of wall-mountable, pedestal, barrel, and cradle fans work to keep temperatures as low as possible. When winter comes and the temperature begins to drop, a range of forced air, radiant, tank top, cabinet, and convection heaters provide the necessary warmth for work to continue.

Components of heavy-duty steel, advanced safety features, and time-tested designs mean that these products are built for durability, safe operation, and long-life for an unmatched return on investment.

Find the right construction solution by viewing products and applications from select Pinnacle Climate Technologies brands:



Portable Heaters that Provide Additional Heat for Your Work Site

Portable heaters are designed to provide additional heat when and where needed for indoor and outdoor applications. Strategically placed, heaters can deliver large amounts of heat to an entire warehouse or to a specific person or object.


Versatile Fans for Your Construction or Work Site

Versatile fans, both free-standing and wall-mountable, provide maximum cooling for indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you want to provide massive air movement over large spaces or more directed air movement over smaller spaces, these fans will do the job.