Air Circulation, Ventilation, and Cooling of Livestock.
Animals need fresh, clean air and climate control to achieve their maximum production potential. Keeping air circulating in the buildings that house your animals prevents heat stress, a major cause of production loss. It also prevents build-up of moisture, manure gases, pathogens, and dust, which can be harmful to your animals.

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Products for the needs and concerns of the agricultural industry.

Appropriate ventilation can avoid depressed animal health and performance in livestock buildings, reduced human comfort in work buildings, contaminant exposure of products in food plants, and lower air quality in all buildings. Pinnacle Climate Technologies solutions include many types and sizes of exhaust fans, shutters, air intakes, evaporative coolers, evaporative cooling systems, environmental controls, and indoor & outdoor heaters.

Find the right agriculture solution by viewing products and applications from select Pinnacle Climate Technologies brands:

Dairy Ventilation

Providing Cow Comfort Products

We offer a range of fans designed for optimal air movement and heat stress prevention.

A cool cow is a comfortable cow, and a comfortable cow eats more and produces more milk. Air movement improves herd comfort, increases milk production, and decreases the occurrence of reproductive issues and diseases.

Pinnacle Climate Technologies and SCHAEFER Ventilation offer a range of fans designed for optimal air movement and heat stress prevention to match your needs for tunnel and cross ventilation, air circulation, spot heating/cooling, feed line soaking, misting systems, and evaporative cooling.

We have a solution for each area of your dairy facility:

  • Parlor Cooling
  • Holding Pen Cooling
  • Shade Area Cooling
  • Feed Line Soaking
  • Dry Cow Cooling
  • Calf Barn Cooling
  • Tunnel Ventilation
  • Cross Ventilation
  • Robotic Barn Ventilation
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Animal Soaking System
  • FlipFan Dairy Cooling System
  • SuperCooler Dairy Cooling System
  • Wet Wall Evaporative Cooling System

“We use SCHAEFER because they build a quality product, their service is second to none and they deliver product on time.” — Riverview Dairy LLP – Minnesota

Poultry House Ventilation

Providing Excellent Ventilation for Poultry Houses

We have a wide range of products and systems to ventilate your poultry structure and create a healthier, more productive environment.

Moving and refreshing the stagnant air in your poultry barn or building creates a healthier and more productive growing environment. Whether determining the best way for air to enter; be exhausted from; or, be circulated inside the structure, Pinnacle Climate Technologies has a wide range of products and systems to ventilate your poultry structure.

We manufacture a complete line of galvanized and fiberglass exhaust fans that are perfect for your tunnel-ventilated application. Our circulation fans move air to keep poultry cool while washdown duty fans are designed to withstand pressure washing in the harshest condition, without affecting performance.

From air moving capacity, energy efficiency and air flow ratio, Pinnacle Climate Technologies offers a full line of products to ventilate poultry houses.

Show Animal Cooling

Creating the Optimal Environment for Show Animals

We offer the equine and show animal markets a wide range of circulation fans for keeping animals fresh and performing at their optimum levels.

Keeping your equine and show animal cool and comfortable during the show season is essential. When high ambient temperatures and humidity combine, body heat may accumulate faster than your animal can dispel it. Our fans help reduce heat stress and keep your animals performing at their optimum levels.

Specifically designed cooling solutions for barns and show stalls, Pinnacle offers the equine and show animal markets a wide range of circulation fans, for keeping animals fresh and encourage hair growth during crucial summer months and when temperatures rise.

Designed to not only move the maximum amount of air, with as little noise and energy consumption as possible, but also provide optimum, long-term return.