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Parts can be purchased online directly from these select Pinnacle Climate Technologies™ brands:
  • Master is the leader in portable fuel-fired heaters, forced air heaters, radiant heaters, and industrial fans for construction sites, warehouses, and garages across North America.

  • Our lineup of forced air, radiant, and electric heaters puts comfort first to enhance productivity while staying within your budget.

  • ProTemp is a leading manufacturer of portable job site heating and cooling products, sold through home centers and agricultural retailers in the U.S. and abroad.


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Pinnacle Climate Technologies™ invents, develops and manufactures heating and ventilation solutions at the forefront of design and engineering. Whether you’re in the home, garage, job site or field, we have a solution that can keep you productive no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. We pride ourselves on our brands and their heritage that goes back over six decades.

Not only do our brands lead the markets we occupy, our industry experience is unmatched. Pinnacle puts an emphasis on efficient logistics. With production assets in the U.S. and overseas, we control our own global supply chain from start to finish. Pinnacle takes pride in being the tip of the technological spear. Our recent innovations in quiet heating technology and large-scale evaporative cooling have secured our position as the bar-setter in our industries.