Home and Workshop

Heating and Cooling Solutions for Placing in Your Home or Using in Your Workshop.
For products that are effective, ergonomic, and stylish, these heating and cooling solutions are the ideal choice for placing in your home or using in your workshop. Pinnacle Climate Technologies offers a diverse lineup of heaters and fans that are guaranteed to fit your space, whatever the need.

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Unrivaled comfort and safety.

Easy-to-use controls, simple installation, and innovative safety features provide you and your family with unrivaled comfort and safety. Designed to operate with maximum efficiency, these products are also perfect for reducing energy costs and saving you money.

Whether it’s a rustic log set or a versatile pedestal fan, Pinnacle Climate Technologies has a solution to match your need.

Find the right home or workshop solution by viewing products and applications from select Pinnacle Climate Technologies brands:


Supplemental And Affordable Heat That Offers A Welcoming Ambiance

Rustic log sets and portable heaters provide your space with supplemental, affordable heat and a welcoming ambiance. With propane, natural gas, and electric options, a variety of solutions are available for your heating needs.


Versatile Cooling Solutions

Sleek, efficient, and long-lasting fans work in multiple applications to provide maximum comfort and cooling. These versatile cooling solutions are available in wall-mountable and portable models to fit your specific need.