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Designed for portability and convenience, SCHAEFER portable air conditioners roll easily from the shop floor to indoor office areas and set up in minutes. They operate at office-acceptable sound levels and come standard with mechanical temperature controls. Larger sizes are available by special order.

  • Cools Quietly. Operates at the lowest decibel level for portable air conditioners. Ideal for supplemental or temporary cooling in equipment rooms, plant floors or field offices. Featuring backward-inclined plenum evaporator and condenser fans.
  • Cools Effectively. Delivers full performance at a wide range of ambient temperature and humidity levels. A thermostatic-expansion valve (not found in other portable air conditioners) automatically adjusts to the environment, allowing the units to operate under more extreme conditions at lower cost and with less freeze-up.
  • Cools Efficiently. Schaefer's portable air conditioners cost less to operate because they draw the least amount of power on a per-ton of cooling basis compared to other portable air conditioners.

Features and Benefits:

  • Available in 13,500-28,500 BTU/hr, 1-2 tons, with larger sizes by special order
  • Utilizes standard electrical outlet amps
  • Two year warranty
  • Made in the USA
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