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Solutions for productive and safe work environments

Providing safe and adequate ventilation as well as cost-effective cooling and heating control is important for manufacturing and production facilities. Whatever the industry you work in, whether it is ship repair, boat building, construction, food processing, or mining, the lack of air movement on work sites can exacerbate safety issues associated with heat, air quality, noise control, and fire hazards.

Our fans are built to handle air at elevated temperatures with protective coatings or special metals to resist the effects of corrosive air or gases, or with spark resistant construction for hazardous locations. Our best-selling solutions include fixed and portable circulation fans, washdown and stainless steel circulation fans, exhaust fans, low and high pressure misting fans, portable evaporative coolers, and portable air conditioners.

Our portable heaters provide additional heat when and where needed for indoor and outdoor applications. Strategically placed, heaters can deliver large amounts of heat to an entire warehouse or to a specific person or object. Electric heaters create warmth by converting electrical energy into heat. Gas heaters are available in propane, natural gas, or kerosene.


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