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Feed Line Soaking

It does not have to be 110°F for heat stress to occur. Studies have found that at temperatures as low as 68°F dairy cows will begin to cut feed intake, lose body weight, and affect performance.

Panel fans and basket fans provide the air flow needed for cow comfort. The addition of soaking the hide, in conjunction with the fans, delivers even more effective cooling than dry cows.

Fans should be positioned to blow across the cows' backs to enhance evaporative cooling from soaking or from naturally dissipated heat.

For adequate ventilation, SCHAEFER products best suited are:

SCHAEFER 52” and 54” Panel Fans
Steel panel fans combine low cost, high airflow, and high air speed for very high ROI livestock cooling. Polymer panel fans offer the additional benefit of corrosion resistance. Fans should be placed every 40-48 feet (12-14m).

SCHAEFER 36” and 42” Basket Fans
The very high airflow with narrow airflow pattern delivers high volumes of fast moving air to cool cows and other animals. They're an excellent option when headroom is limited. Fans should be placed every 24 feet (7m).

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