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STANLEY International has an international product line dedicated to performance and quality for industrial heating and cooling applications. Our customers have been getting the job done with STANLEY International since 1843. With a reputation for performance and quality, you can count on STANLEY International products to enhance productivity and help you keep your budget in check.

STANLEY Products


Paraffin/Diesel Forced Air Heaters
Propane/Butane Forced Air Heaters
Mobile Infrared Propane/Butane Heaters
Portable Propane/Butane Heaters
Compact Propane/Butane Heaters
Electric Fan Heaters


High Velocity Fans
Pro Industrial Dehumidifiers
High Capacity Barrel Fans
Workshop Dehumidifiers
Industrial Ventilators and Ducting
Industrial Fan Blowers
Commercial Industrial Dehumidifiers 

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