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Schaefer is a worldwide leader in ventilation equipment for agricultural, commercial, horticultural, industrial, and rental applications, as well as for show animals. We've been a market leader for over 65 years, and we're still thriving because of our commitment to designing and manufacturing world-class products. Choose Schaefer to enhance productivity and help you keep your budget in check. 

Schaefer Products


BIGDOG Large-Area Cooling 
F5 Circulation Fans for Livestock
FlipFan Patented Dairy Cooling System
Pro-Kool Large-Area Evaporative Cooling
SuperCooler Misting Fan Arid Dairy Cooling System
Tuff & Gusty High-Quality Imported Fans
Twister Oscillating Circulation Fans
Versa-Kool Silent Circulation Fans
VersaMist Portable Mist Cooler
WayCool Focused Evaporative Cooling


HotZone Spot Heater


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