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Pinnacle Climate Technologies is a global leader in climate control. We design, manufacture, and distribute heating, cooling, and ventilation products through our brands: Schaefer, STANLEY International, Master, ProTemp, Remington, Americ®, and Heat-Stream. Our products enhance the productivity of your livestock and increase your comfort on the job and at home. We manufacture in North America and Asia so we can offer price points to meet every budget. When you choose our brands, you're choosing 65 years of industry-leading experience and a well-deserved reputation for outstanding quality, reliability, and durability. 

Schaefer is a worldwide leader in ventilation equipment for agricultural, commercial, horticultural, industrial, and rental applications, as well as for show animals.
Master is the leader in portable fuel-fired heaters, forced air heaters, radiant heaters, and industrial fans for construction sites, warehouses, and garages across North America.
Our lineup of forced air, radiant, and electric heaters puts comfort first to enhance productivity while staying within your budget.
STANLEY International has an international product line dedicated to performance and quality for industrial heating and cooling applications.
ProTemp is a leading manufacturer of portable job site heating and cooling products, sold through home centers and agricultural retailers in the U.S. and abroad.
When a life is on the line, you need a best-in-class ventilator. Americ® confined space ventilators set the standard for safe and reliable ventilation in any confined space.
Heat-Stream warms up your work area with forced air, radiant, and portable heaters.
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